We've all done it. Whether it was the influence of a terrible fashion trend, our ignorance or just plain laziness, we men have committed some grave sins in the fashion department. Join us in diving into some of the most common mistakes men commit.

Badly Fitting Shirts

A shirt that is even one size too large can make you look sloppy. If it is loose along the shoulders and baggy around the torso, you know that you need to try something a little more fitted.

Trousers That Are Too Long

Gone are the days when trousers had to extend over your shoes like a flowing tide. Today's trend leans more towards leaner cuts that end just at or a little above your shoe. If you are someone who enjoys wearing funky socks, this is the perfect way to show them off!

Unflattering Colour Combinations

Orange tees and green pants? We're not talking about Govinda's penchant for garish colours but some decisions men make. It's important for us to know what coours look best with our complexion and build. Not everyone can pull off baby pink but that doesn't mean you can't experiment with colours.

Inappropriate Accessorizing

What is the length of your tie? Does your pocket square go with your suit? What kind of watch should you wear? Should you wear a loudly patterned shirt? Accessories can make your outfit come alive. Choosing classy, timeless accessories can give you versatility and create a more put-together look. Don't go overboard either and limit your accesories to 2-3 per outfit.

Wearing The Wrong Type Of Shoes

If clothes make the man then shoes definitely complete him. Sadly though, most men don't invest in the right kind of shoes to make this saying come true. Square toed shoes, shoes that are in unflattering shades of black and badly maintained shoes rule the roost. Investing a little time and care on your shoes will go a long way in making you look great.

The Agony Of White Socks

The last time it was fashionable to wear white socks was in school. If you're dressing up for work, a get-together or a formal affair, keep the white socks at bay. They work well when you play sports or hop into the gym but otherwise, it's best to stick to other colours. You can also use socks to add some more personality to your outfit!

Ignoring The Occasion

The #1 rule of fashion is to dress for the occasion. It pays to stand out but subtly doing so will win you more fashion points than a blatant attempt. If you are going to office, then follow the form of dress code but tweak it to add your own style. Similarly, if you are going to a traditional wedding, skip the casual jeans and t-shirt for something more appropriate.

Not everyone has the time to invest in studying which fashions and style to adopt. That's why, we at My Perfect Fit have made it easier for you to create your own personal style with our Style Reports. Until next time!