What is the difference between a well-dressed man and a man dressed with sophistication and class? It may be minuscule, but it is all about the accessories!
This is where the stylists at My Perfect Fit step in! The stylists at My Perfect Fit will guide you towards having a perfectly modern and formal look.
Take your corporate look to the next level and add accessories to your assortment of formal wear.
Accessories like ties, pocket squares, shoes, belts, tie clips, tie pins, watches and cuff links bring an enduring appeal to any formal outfit. They are also a great investment as they are versatile and require low, to no maintenance.
Some believe that style is about self-knowledge, that it is an accurate representation of their lives, their thought-processes and their take on the world.
Let your outfits paired with magnificent accessories speak for you at your workplace.
When it comes to styling, some people are inherently ostentatious and the others, a little less vivid.
If you’re a little less vivid when it comes to styling, you’ve come to the right place! Our stylists will help you from the grassroots level to ensure that you are the tasteful and classy man you seek to be!

Shoes: Does your profession oblige you to be on the move unremittingly? Everyone’s response to this is predominantly ‘yes’, so go ahead and invest in shoes that are of supreme comfort and style. Someone once rightly said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes!”

Belts: In the corporate world, a flawless white shirt and a seamless black trouser signify perfection, but belts bring these articles of clothing together! Belts are central to the corporate look, always keep a black leather belt handy in your wardrobe to emanate an unabridged corporate look!

Neckties: One can easily pair a charmingly stitched necktie to make them stand out of the crowd! Neckties illustrate sheer class, elegance and exquisiteness. Pairing neckties with formal shirts, however, can be tricky. Consult the experienced stylists at My Perfect Fit to know more!


Watches: When it comes to watches, everyone has their unique choices. We can help you pick out the right watch for you by analysing your likes, dislikes and requirements! Watches much like apparel often are the defining factor of one’s personality and sense of style.
If you pick out the right one, a watch can be your trustworthy and dependable partner for years together!
Also, you can look like a thorough gentleman by putting on exquisite cufflinks and tie pins with the formal attire!
The carefully constructed team of stylists at My Perfect Fit will guide you towards your journey of looking and feeling better at your place of work!
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