Do you want to make your office wear a little more fashionable and yet suited to you? As professionals climbing the corporate ladder, we are often surrounded by peers who wear fairly mundane clothing. While our jobs and responsibilities may be super exciting, the clothes we wear to office don’t always reflect that. Especially for those with 7-10 years of work experience, changing their look might seem difficult because of the dressing patterns they’ve fallen into.

But worry not! Here are some useful tips for professionals to up the fashion quotient in their office attire. If you're looking for a more guided approach to creating your personalised style, talk to our stylists!

Well-Fitted Clothes

Fortunately or unfortunately we’re not all built like supermodels walking the ramp. The readymade clothes that look amazing on them may not flatter you in a similar fashion. The perfect approach is to create custom clothes that are tailored to your body. However, if you’re purchasing readymades look for shirts that shape your shoulders well while being comfortable at the waist. For trousers, tapered cuts are in vogue, but be careful about choosing the right fit. The ideal trouser would be comfortable around the thighs yet trendy in cut.


A New Colour Palette to Follow

Tired of blues and blacks? Offbeat colours like burgundy, olive, dark purple, grey, mauve, mustard and rich wine are the ones that could add life to your wardrobe. A handy tip to choosing the right colour is to look for contrast. Find colours that flatter your skin tone and mix them up with the kind of shirts & trousers you wear. However, getting the right balance of colour can be tough. Talk to our stylists to discover the perfect colour palette for you.


Pattern-Blend in Style

There is a whole range of patterns than just striped and checked shirts that you must explore. Patterns like dotted prints, border work shirts, shoulder design and terry cotton shirts & even subtle floral prints are on top of the trending list in 2018. You can also play with different fabrics such as wool & silk to up the fashion in your office attire.


Accessorize With A Stylish Bag

Styling is not limited to only clothes, you can also do a lot of fun experiments with your accessories. Remember the old black laptop/office bag you used to carry to work? Well, it is time you reinvent your style with something that looks luxurious. Sling bags, handbags & messenger bags are a few styles which are trendy and look great on everyone. Choose a dark coloured bag which is likely to go with any outfit you wear. Don’t fancy real leather? Bags in eco friendly materials are available too!


Make It Easier By...

Now all of this can get a bit overwhelming and seem like you’re having to make too many decisions. At My Perfect Fit, we’ve perfected the art of transforming looks for professionals. Not only do we help you easily order custom made apparel, we can also create your own style guide which is your personalised to your profile, attributes and aspirations. Reach out to us and your friendly stylists will be with you right away!