It's the festive season now and with the many Shaadis and parties lined up, how fashion-ready are you? If you are scrambling to add some oomph to your outfits, we at My Perfect Fit have got you covered!

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Bandhgalas and their slightly less formal incarnations, the sadris, are hip-length jackets or coats. Typically, the garment is single breasted with a mandarin collar and features 5–6 buttons in front, single or double vented back, and two stomach pockets outside and two inside. Both these Indian jackets look a lot like the knee-length achkan or the longer sherwani, with length being the crucial differentiator.

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These jackets started off as formal wear but with time, some elements have been added to the design giving it a more contemporary and versatile appeal. The key difference between these jackets is that while the bandhgala is full sleeved, sadris, made fashionable by Prime Ministers Nehru & Modi, are usually sleeveless.

Made For Any Occasion!

While both these jackets may have started off as formal wear but it’s difficult to pigeonhole their style in this day and age. Thus, they have duly changed with the times and now we have jackets that complement all sorts of looks and occasions.

Formal Occasions

Bandhgalas are perfect for the more family wedding type of occasions while their sleeveless counterparts are more versatile in usage.

Fit is everything! Once you manage that, pair the jacket with a formal shirt and pants, and dress-shoes such as oxfords or brogues.

Casual Occasions

Sleeveless jackets are perfect for casual occasions that straddle our weekends. A light fabric sadri paired with shirts or even formal t-shirts can be an interesting combination. Pair them with dark pants for a unique look and simply be the head turner at any occasion. You can also wear them with your denims. The sadri also goes perfectly with denim trousers. Pick a contrasting shirt colour and pair your denims with classy shoes and you have a winning outfit at hand.

Ethnic Occasions

This is where the bandhgala shines. Bandhgalas add substance to any ethnic occasion you attend. However, if you're wearing a kurta pyjama, may we recommend the sleeveless jacket? Wear ir jacket over a kurta pyjama or dhoti and done. You are ramp-ready for any ethnic party!

Opt for material like khadi and ensure that the jacket is Indian in style so it complements the rest of the attire.

Simple Styling Tips

Both the bandhgala and the sadri are unique additions to your wardrobe. The impression either of them cast depends a lot on where you wear them and your fabric and colour choices. Here's a small introduction to your possible fabric & colour choices.


The climate of the place should dictate the fabric of your jacket.

For instance, jackets fashioned from cashmere or heavy wool are ideal for those who live in colder regions. The same jackets would be redundant in the hot and humid northern Indian plains where light and breathable fabrics like khadi are better options.

You can also opt for jackets in fabrics like tussar, linen, cotton, polyester and silk. Velvet can also be a great option with its metallic sheen and party-friendly glow.

Colour Combinations

Colours are great indicators of the degree of formality in clothes. Usually, darker colours work best for dressier occasions. However, the rule may not always apply to the Indian culture where vibrant colours rule the roost.

A better way to approach the right colour combination is to use contrast. Your jacket will be the highlight of your outfit, an overlay that completes your look. So if the rest of your outfit is on the more subdued side, choose a bright coloured jacket. However, if the rest of your outfit is brighter, a darker and solid-looking jacket will do the trick!

Rock it With Indian Jackets!

Indian jackets are versatile garments. You can wear them for lunch with friends or to a high society dinner party. Just ensure, as one must with any clothing item they purchase, the jacket fits you well and is of a style that suits your personality. As always, our stylists at My Perfect Fit are happy to help you make the right style call.

Here's to your next great outfit!