The time to step away from mundane styles is here. It's 2019 and your work attire deserves a refresh. If you've been banking on a style that has served you for decades, let this blog be an audit and advice to move you towards a trendier future.

Analyse Your Wardrobe

Over the years, we've all spent thousands if not at least a couple lakhs on our wardrobes. Branded jeans aren't cheap and if you throw in premium shirts and shoes, then the cost only climbs up. This is the year you analyse how well that money was spent. Look at your clothes and figure out which of them are overused, which are worn occasionally and which rarely. A handy way to organise your wardrobe and discover this is through our free Online Wardrobe manager. Click here to access it.

Once you have organised your wardrobe, you can see where you are overstocked and where you need to stock up.

Discover The Style That Suits You

Sadly, not all of us are exactly 6 feet tall with 32 inch waists and the chiseled face of a model. But that shouldn't stop you from getting out there in the style that suits you best. There are professionals whose job is to analyse your fit and preferences and help you discover the styles you can pull off. At My Perfect Fit, our stylists can prepare a personalised Style Guide which you can use to create the right outfits for yourself. There are lots of online resources available too.

Experiment A Little

It's easy to purchase the same kind of clothes in slightly updated styles. Most of us buy some version of blue jeans every few years and that's absolutely fine. But this year, maybe you could try to have some fun with your style. Pick up some bold new patterns and experiment with colours you normally don't go for. If you are a subdued personality, maybe you can try brighter colours or statement shoes paired with more neutral hues. Here's how you could do it:

  1. Add shirts with small patterns if you usually stick to solids
  2. Create a focal point of design with each outfit
  3. Add some pastel colours to your wardrobe
  4. Get some statement jackets that you can use to dress up your casual outfits
  5. Add new fabrics other than cotton such as wool which add comfort as well as a different texture to your outfits

Remember The Fashion Fundamentals

It goes without fail that while you look to become more stylish, you must not forget the basics.

  1. Always wear clothes that fit you well
  2. Find the colours that suit you best
  3. Don't have an oversupply of one type of fabric (for ex: checked shirts)
  4. Don't forget to invest in accessories that can serve you across outfits (belts, pocket squares, watches)

Style and fashion change with every season. It isn't important to adopt every trend nor will each style suit everyone but keeping yourself updated will help you stand out and create the right impression. As always, we are here to help you get the most return on your fashion investment.

We hope you have an amazing and stylish year ahead!