A wedding calls for dressing up for the occasion. Whether you are getting hitched or your best friend or even someone in your family is, you would certainly have pictured the ideal way to dress up to make heads turn. The right attire goes a long way to give you the desired look that will make you the show stopper for the day. And what more can one ask for when looking to dress up for the majesty of the Indian wedding?

Sherwanis trace their origin to the nineteenth century royals and nobles of India. It comes in the form of a long coat like kurta with detailed embroidery paired with a churidar, pajama, salwar or dhoti. It is an outfit of the kings, making it just the perfect attire for the groom and the wedding party.

However, it is very important to get the right sherwani for you. At My Perfect Fit, we have a wide range of styles, fabrics and colours to choose from for your D-day. Here we present to you a comprehensive guide to buying the perfect sherwani.

The style and the trend

Before venturing to buy a sherwani, look for the current style and the contemporary trend. There is an overwhelming array of sherwanis available which can be daunting for anyone. You can do some research online and in fashion magazines to get an idea of prevailing trends. Alternatively, you can talk to our stylists who can guide you through all the styles and help you choose the best-fitting and the best-looking one for you.

Getting the right fit

Getting the right fit for your sherwani is very important. An ill-fitting sherwani will spell disaster. Go for the one that fits your body type, personality and taste. Do not buy a sherwani without trying on it yourself first. You can also try our customised options to get that perfect fit.

A complete style package

Look for a sherwani that satisfies your requirements with regard to the fabric, the pattern, the embroidery and the color. All these should be ideally complemented by your sherwani. Buy a sherwani that can be called the ultimate package as a gorgeous wedding attire. If you are the groom, ensure that your sherwani matches with the wedding trousseau of your fiancée.

Accessories to complete the look

Whether you are the groom or an active attendee, you deserve to look nothing less than a royal. It matters how you present yourself to the world. To complete the desired royal look, there are several accessories from safa, dupatta, pocket square, mojaris, cuff links and jewelery to choose from. Pick the ones that match with your sherwani and complete the look.

If you are not sure about what would make for the perfect sherwani for an occasion, you can visit our website for a sherwani that gives you the perfect fit, style and look. My Perfect Fit promises you an attire that will match up to the gorgeousness of an Indian wedding.