The mercury is rising! If this March is something to go by, then the forthcoming months promise a scorcher. What should you wear so that even if your days are hot, you remain cool? Thankfully, our team at My Perfect Fit has been working hard to get you the right alternatives for your summer wardrobe. Here are a few pointers for you on which fabric to wear!

There's a reason why cotton is the preferred fabric of India. It is lightweight, breathable and versatile, making it the fabric of choice for all. Cotton is an all natural fabric and its roomy construction makes it easy for air to circulate, ensuring your body doesn’t feel the dampness of sweat for too long. It’s versatility in cut and colour makes cotton the perfect choice for this summer.

Think cotton trousers are going to be too formal for those sundowner parties with friends? Khaki trousers are a great option for you. Not only are they lightweight, their matte kind of finish ads a different dimension to your looks.

Wait, isn’t wool supposed to keep you warm? Counter to popular notions, lightweight wool is an amazing fabric for hot days. It absorbs and evaporates moisture more effectively than most other fabrics, helping you overcome the dampness and odours of summer.

Linen is an essential summer fabric. It’s gossamer thin structure ensures it sits lightly on your body and doesn’t stick or retain much moisture. However, for all its benefits, linen does tend to wrinkle quickly.

Fabrics to avoid:

Just as there are fabrics that you must choose, there are some you must avoid. The tropical heat of the subcontinent means you must choose your fabrics well if you don't want to feel hotter than you look. Here are what you must keep out of your wardrobe for the next few months.

Denims are our go to fabric for trousers but in the summer they may not be the best idea. Denim is a thick, heavy fabric that retains moisture and prevents air from circulating. Move to lighter fabrics and your legs will thank you.

Among the most durable fabrics ever, polyester is known for its versatility and resistance to stains. However, these fabrics are notoriously resistant to absorbing moisture and in this heat that means you're likely to sweat and not evaporate any of it.

While each summer promises energy sapping heat, smart wardrobe choices can help you mitigate the worst of its effects. Talk to our stylists if you are looking for cool fabrics and cooler style.