Shopping for a new shirt can get very challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for. And when it comes to dressing up, the shirt you pick can make or break your look.

There is no better look than that of a crisp, well-fitted shirt. But most times off the rack shirts don’t meet all the requirements of a well-fitted shirt. How your shirt fits greatly depends on your body shape and structure. Getting your shirt customized from us at My Perfect Fit saves you from the trial and error that off the rack shirt shopping brings.

There are certain tiny details you need to keep in mind before hitting the stylist's place to buy your perfect-fitting shirt.

1. The Collar

The main style purpose of the collar is to frame your face. A loose or an ill-fitting collar will make you look shabby, while a collar that is too tight can give you a pinched look.

So, how do you differentiate between a loose and tight collar, and find the middle ground?

A too tight collar will pinch the skin on your neck, and would feel totally uncomfortable. You can't even insert a single finger between the collar and your neck.

A loose collar, on the other hand, will not touch your neck at all and will hang loosely below your neck. You can easily put five fingers in the space between your neck and collar.

Your collar should comfortable frame your face and stay at your neck. If you can put exactly three fingers between your neck and collar, then you've found the right collar.

2. Shoulders


The place where the seam of the sleeve attaches to the body of a shirt should hit the top of your shoulders. Most mass manufacturers make these seams larger so that it fits more people, but this leaves you with a shirt whose shoulder is sliding down onto your biceps. But again, you don't want to end up with a shirt whose shoulder is above where it should actually be. This happens with a too-tight shirt. That is not the case at My Perfect Fit, where you can get shirts customized to fit you.

3. The Torso

You will know you have found the perfect shirt when it fits comfortably across your chest, upper back, and armpits, and won't constrict your motion. Your shirt is too tight when the buttons pull when you are standing straight with your arms at your sides. You chest should fill out the shirt, without making it look like you are falling out of the shirt.

4. The Cuffs

The cuff should cup your wrist snugly, without being too tight. If you can't pull up the sleeves even an inch without popping a button, that means your cuff is too tight. Similarly, the cuff should not hang below you wrist when your hands are at your sides.

The best way to find out if your cuff is fitting right is by standing straight with your arms down at your sides. If the cuff stays where it should and you can comfortably insert one finger between the cuff and your wrist, that means the cuff is the right fit for you.

Button up Your "Perfect Fitting" Shirt

Now that you know what to look for when buying your shirt that fits perfectly, it's time to find that right shirt and experience what it feels like to wear a fitting shirt that is customized to fit your body!

At My Perfect Fit, you can get style tips along with a highly personalised shopping experience with your own personal stylist. Book an appointment today or walking into our store for all your style needs!