Layering clothes has become one of the most eye-catching and inviting fashion trends of 2018. Regardless of any season, this fashion trend has emerged as one of the most sought-after and is an easy way to add style to your look. What's more, with the final parties of the year left to attend, layered ensembles can set heads turning.

My Perfect Fit decodes various ways men can dress better in casuals with ideal layering.

Cardigans To The Rescue!

If you want to look like the chic and debonair man that you are, you can support your casual tee with a well-knitted cardigan. This coupled with slender jeans and sneakers will undoubtedly fit the bill and give you the much wanted 'boy next door' appearance. You can also go the extra mile and wrap a stylish scarf around your neck.

Not only will this form of layering complement your silhouette, it will take you one step away from your regular attire.

Wear 'em Checks Right

Checked shirts can look unconventionally good, especially if you want to change the way you wear them and if you're blasé and typically bored about the way you currently are putting them on.

Merging a checked shirt with a plain or graphic tee is the best way to step into a trendsetting casual look. The best thing about this attire is that you can unleash the creative spirit within you and match the casual graphic tee with a contrasting checked shirt. To jazz up this very urbane informal look, you can wear denim jeans and a leather bag pack.

Quit Playing Hide and Seek with That Jacket

One thing men always do is sideline those subtle jackets. What you don't realise is that you can ostentatiously flaunt in the most causal and vougish way possible. So it's time to get the treasure out of your wardrobe and transform the way you put on jackets.

Evidently so, this is one of the most favoured apparels of many admired celebrities. A black jacket and a tee inside will make other men green with envy. You can pair this aesthetic look with a fine black trouser and white sneakers.

Classic Blazers Aren't Meant for Only Formal Occasions

If you're thinking that blazers are only meant to be worn formally, then you're absolutely wrong. This type of layering is one of the most out-of-the-box choice you can make , and yet it seems to justify each and every alphabet of the word 'casual'.

The best way to exhibit this attire is to select a cotton blazer. However, it is very necessary to go with subtle hues such as black, blue, grey or beige in order to tone down the formal look and convert it into one which is casual. Inside the blazer you can fit in a regular tee, and you can always play with colour choices.

What makes this choice of layered clothing unique and eccentric is that you can match the bottoms with anything you like. Denims, jeans, trousers, and even chinos can go hand in hand and complement this look to the very brim.

So that was all about layering. As always, our stylists are here to help you craft the perfect look. Explore our website to know more!

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