The blazer is the perfect addition to any man's wardrobe. With the right mix of formal and casual appeal, the blazer is a versatile garment that can play a multifaceted role in your looks. Originally never worn outside of a full suit ensemble, the blazer is now the outfit of choice for men looking to create different types of looks by mixing and matching shirts, trousers & shoes with the blazer. 
Here a few things you need to remember before you go out and get the one blazer to rule them all!


There are two major types of to consider when you are choosing a blazer. There is the unstructured blazer which is a lot more informal and structured blazer which can work as well in informal settings as it would in a formal gathering. The unstructured blazers mould themselves around the wearer's body and their casual shape makes them the perfect accompaniment for casual gatherings. Adding a little more embellishment to them through pocket squares or badges can make them look dramatically different. Structured blazers are designed to emphasise the shape of the wearer. This kind of blazer typically enhances the profile of a person and makes them appear slimmer. These are usually a lot more minimal in look than unstructured blazers but the right fabric, colour and pattern can make them ooze class.


Choosing the right colour for your blazer depends entirely on the kind of occasion you plan to wear the blazer in. Let's say you're headed out for a night out on the town. A bright colourful blazer might not work as well as something darker and more dramatic in a rich fabric. Typically if you are looking to wear blazers for different types of occasions, you can opt for tried and tested colours like dark greys, blues, blacks and even shades of white. Feeling a little adventurous? Try colours like red and pastels but be sure that the rest of your outfit doesn't clash with the blazer.


Prints are all the rage these days. Gone is the era when all you would need was a single blazer with low embellishment. Patterns such as checks, pinstripes, herringbone and even some more offbeat designs can create a whole new style dynamic. Ensure that you pair the blazer with the right shirt, trousers and shoes so that you have a complete look


The fabric you choose very often depends on the kind of place you live in and the weather you are likely to wear the blazer in.
Cotton is the go-to fabric for most people. Lovely to touch and breathable, cotton fabrics are most widely worn by men across India. But you don't need to restrict yourself to cotton. Linen is the fabric of summer. Lightweight and natural, it is perfect for the hot summers and experiences that India offers. The best part of wearing linen is their versatility. Pair them with well-tailored trousers or even jeans and shirts or t-shirts and you've got a lovely look going for you.
Wool is another fabric to look at. The right blend of wool fabric can also keep you cool in the summer. The best part of wearing wool is that there is no fabric as classy as it. It comes in a variety of patterns and can instantly elevate your entire outfit

So there you have it! Blazers are an essential part of any man's wardrobe. Confused by the choices in front of you? Make the right decision by talking to one of our stylists. We're always happy to help!