Trending Transformation in Corporate Wear

Dressing etiquette at the workplace is a quintessential element in imparting the feeling of conviction, poise and power.

My Perfect Fit accords to its clients the feeling of class and confidence by delivering impeccably fitted corporate attires.

We address the needs of a roving corporate man by offering an extensive range of corporate wear from Suits, Shirts, Trousers to Blazers. Our core intention is to understand the current needs of the working man while ensuring that the office wear is of supreme comfort and style.

Whether you’re a Lawyer, an Investment Banker or in the Corporate Sect, our stylists ensure your needs align with the latest trends.
To have a better insight into our offerings, here are a few options!



Look beyond the blacks, blues and greys; add Khaki, and dark chocolate Brown to your ensemble of suits! Clothes communicate your perception and intention, so yes, what you wear is integral for your clients. With the right crisp shirt and tie that goes perfectly in the array, our seasoned stylists will ensure you are well-dressed!
Dressing in layers, one might think is highly impracticable in India owing to the scorching heat and the unprecedented showers, lightweight materials are therefore developed to ensure your comfort without compromising on style or quality.
Be at the forefront of the style-game and workplace by wearing suits that are cleverly tailored and styled by us for you!

Shirts and Chinos:

If you want to keep it down a notch at your place of work, our smartly designed shirts and well-fitted chinos will instantly elevate your overall appeal.

Pastels and light-coloured shirts in peach, light pink, lavender, lilac, teal and sky blue are presently trending due to their versatility and pleasing appeal.
Pair them with flawlessly tailored chinos and accessories to have an authentic formal look.

*“A belt is a man’s best friend!”*Black or brown leather belts, instinctively complete the formal look of a corporate man and with the right pair of shoes, you will make a damn fine impression at your workplace!

Put your best foot forward by dressing in a manner consistent with the expectations of your clients.

At My Perfect Fit, stylists understand your requirements and deliver accordingly.
We understand the importance of comfort, supremacy and style the right outfits keeping in mind all these determinants.

To ensure a polished look that will cast an irrevocable impression on your clients and associates, visit our studio in Jubilee Hills!