Marriages hold a special place in our lives and indeed is a memorable moment not just for the bride and groom but for their entire family and friends.

Friends and brothers of the groom play an important role in this entire chapter of the groom's big day! From coordinating with the relatives to making sure the priest reaches the venue on time, from picking up that annoying relative from the station or airport to making sure everyone's accommodation is taken care of, they run the entire show leaving no stone unturned for their brother's or friend's marriage.

We know how demanding and challenging your tasks can be and how this leaves very little time to take care of your own needs at this time. Whether you are planning on wearing a coordinated attire with the entire groom gang or looking for a perfect fit matching your style requirements, we make sure to deliver the best for the best man.

When it comes to your styling needs, here are a few options from our offerings to select from:

  1. The lustrous sherwani for you: On the wedding night, it’s a great idea to mix your attire with that of your entire crew and sherwanis never go out of look. In case you are looking to shine on the wedding day, we promise to talk about your look. We want to hear about all that you've pictured in your mind, from the attire to the accessories and the shoes or mojri to that entire look you want to pull. We will customize it all!


  1. All things suited!: Look no more for an outfit for your friend or brother’s engagement and reception- suits will keep you covered. Suave the crowd away with your charming smile and choosing a suit from our selection of tailor-made suits that match your personality. From that double or single-breasted suit to a dinner or lounge suit, we'd love to showcase our expertise to mesmerize you!


  1. The co-ords: Become part of an ultimate groom gang by getting personalized and co-ordinated attires stitched as per the wedding occassions which transcends to the entire group's need. Our stylists will devote their time sitting and understanding all your requirements first to make sure they help you select the right material and attire for the various ceremonies surrounding your friend's or brother's wedding. Whether you are looking for co-ordinated suits or sherwanis, we've got you covered!



And if this is not enough, we offer additional services where you can also consult with one of our famous image consultants who will work with you on the entire journey of making your attire and you stand out in the crowd. Be prepared to become that ultimate groom gang that people will be talking about until the next one from your group gets married and you get to spread the charm again.

At My Perfect Fit, we are here to help make your life simple with taking care of your styling needs while you take care of the groom's big day priorities.

Still not impressed or sure? Let's talk. We'd love to hear from you and walk you through our offerings at our studio once we've got to know you better. We'd love to give you an immersion experience exclusively at our studio in Jubilee Hills, see you there!