Getting married is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life. Not only are you bringing a whole new person into your life, it is a memory that will stay with you forever. The clothes you wear are captured for posterity and form an essential part of this happy day. So the question arises, what should you wear to your wedding?

Most weddings in India are split into multiple ceremonies where the groom wears different ethnic attire as well as suits. The wedding suit is typically worn for the reception and that is what we’ll be discussing in this blog.

There are many ways for you to approach choosing the right suit style for your wedding. This handy guide will help you make the right decision when it comes to getting your suit.

Type of Men's Wedding Suit

The type of suit you wear to your wedding is the first critical choice you must make. With the variety of options available it can get confusing fast. Here are the top few styles to look at:

  • Three piece: This is the classic suit preferred by grooms across the world. The three piece suit comprises of a blazer, waistcoat and suit pants. While you can go for patterned fabrics, it is best to keep this look subtle as that makes a more solid visual impact. Add a contrasting tie and you’re all set to rock.
  • Tuxedo: The tuxedo is a staple of wedding wear for men. With its satin strips on the lapels and trousers, it offers a mix of subtlety and glamour that adds to the charm of the evening.
  • The formal suit: The standard formal suit is also something to look at for your wedding. For grooms getting married in warmer weather, a formal suit made in a light fabric is a perfect choice.


Still sticking with the usual choice of cotton and polyester mixed fabrics for your suit? Wool blends are all the rage these days. With their enhanced breathability, wool fabrics stay cool in the heat and remain warm in the cold. This versatility, combined with their comfortable feel and stylish colours, make wool fabrics a classy choice for your wedding suit. If you’re having a destination wedding, choose linen in bright or soft pastel colours to match the mood of your location.


What colours should you wear on your wedding day? Usually most men avoid wearing black on their wedding. But colours like blue, browns and softer greys are ideal. It’s important to note that since you will be getting a lot of pictures taken, a softer matte coloured suit can make your entire attire look more classy and luxurious in photographs. Try not to choose a very light colour and stay away from anything that’s too shiny.


A suit that seems to give structure to your body and narrows down to give you a tapered look is the perfect choice for fit. While you ensure the suit fits you well, a point to note is that you must have enough room to move your arms freely. With all the guests to hug at an Indian wedding, having freedom of movement is necessary.

Weddings are a celebration unlike any other. The memories you make on this day lay the foundation of the start of a new life. We know how hectic it can get to take the right style decisions which is why our stylists can help you make the right call. Talk to us to learn more about the styles, fabrics and fits that would suit you best!