Shopping for clothes has become a tedious process.

If you are shopping at a physical outlet, the commute becomes bearable when you know you're going to get something good to wear. But alas! Physical outlets usually stock the fastest selling items and that often means you get mass produced, ill-fitting styles at premium prices. If you're shopping online for premium apparel, then prepare to scroll through hundreds of pages and apps to find the right style & approximate fit, and then get it altered at a tailor locally. Even then, in both physical and online cases, the problem of getting the right fit remains unsolved.

While the internet has made shopping convenient, it hasn't made it personal. You are given the promise of infinite choice without the knowledge of which choice is actually the best for you.

It is this frustration which led us to create My Perfect Fit.

We didn't want to spend hours hopping from one store to another just to find the same ill-fitting apparel. We didn't want to have to scroll through websites full of clothes to find something that we like. And most of all, we wanted a way to make shopping a happy experience, where we know that the garments we get are created keeping our personal style, fit, budget and lifestyle in mind.

At My Perfect Fit, we aim to deliver custom-made clothes that you will love. Each garment we make is designed and crafted for you and you alone. When you come to us, you move away from shopping for clothes to building a wardrobe that reflects and elevates your personality.

More than 1200 customers across India swear by us and it is our unyielding desire to deliver the perfect apparel that drives us.

We invite you to find your perfect fit & style with us.

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