Men’s suits are a foundational part of our wardrobes. Whether it’s for a business meeting or for a social gathering, suits are essential in taking our appearance up several notches. Here’s a look at the most widely worn types of suits for men.

The Men's Formal Suit

The most widely worn suit is also one of the most stylish. A well fitted blazer, tapered trousers and a complimentary shirt are the expected attire for most formal gatherings. Typically, the blazer will have peaked notches, two pockets with flaps, and a smaller breast pocket on the top left. The main idea behind the formal suit is to keep things simple and elegant. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Because this suit style is the most widely worn, it’s easy to get right and easier to get wrong. Make the right call by choosing a fabric and pattern that balances your personality and your style preferences.
  • Choose trousers that fit you and make your entire attire look well fitted. Tapered trousers are the current trend but ensure they suit your body type.
  • If you are wearing a solid coloured suit, mix and match with patterned shirts or ties. Likewise if you are wearing a subtly patterned suit, your shirt and tie need to be selected to maintain the contrast.
  • You can also pair it with a waistcoat to make your suit look even more formal.

The Tuxedo

The staple of weddings and ultra-formal gatherings, the tuxedo is an essential outfit to own. If you ever happen to catch the Oscars, you’ll see a significant portion of men in well-fitted tuxedos. What makes a tuxedo different from a suit is the satin overlay on the lapels, buttons, pocket trims and the side of your trousers. This satin trim makes tuxedos look glossier than suits, which are usually more uniform in colour. If you’re looking to wear a tuxedo, here are a few things to remember:

  • Having the perfect fit is essential for a tuxedo. Ensure your shoulders don’t sag and your whole appearance seems tightly put together.
  • You can wear either ties or bow-ties with tuxedos. If you’re going with bow-ties, try to get a shirt with a wing-tipped collar.
  • Because the rest of your outfit has the shining accent of satin to it, we recommend wearing patent leather shoes to complete your tuxedo look.

The Casual Blazer

Not all of us have jobs that require suits to be worn everyday. And not all occasions demand a formal suit. But what if you want to class things up without making your attire ultra-formal? Enter the casual blazer. Pair it with jeans, formal trousers or chinos and it’s still good to go. Obviously, you need to invest in a well-fitting jacket and perhaps add some variety in terms of colour and fabric but the hallmark of this suit is its versatility. Typically, the casual blazer will be in fabrics like cotton, linen, wool or blended fabrics. The choice of colour and pattern allow it to be used to style formal as well as casual looks. If you’re getting a casual blazer, here’s what you must remember:

  • Choose a fabric and colour that allows you to pair the blazer with jeans, chinos and formal trousers.
  • Try to add pocket squares to dress your blazer up a little.
  • Since there are no matching trousers, there are also no matching shirts. Try different types of shirts and even t-shirts to create different looks.

Many of us are guilty of using the same type of suit for different types of occasions. With these three suits in your wardrobe you can rest assured that you are well stocked to create any kind of look you want. Confused about your suit’s fit or style? Reach out to our stylists and we’ll help you get the perfect men’s suit.