When you wear a suit, you’re dressing to impress and to stand out from the crowd. A formal suit for men bought off-the-rack or stitched by a local tailor may not be your best bet when you want to create this great first impression. Why? Because an off-the-rack men's suit come in a few standard sizes and will need some alteration before it fits you. As for local tailors, they may not have the experience or awareness of current styles to stitch the perfect suit for you.

Ordering a suit involves lots of small style decisions. If you’re looking to buy a men’s suit soon, this handy guide is made just for you. You can also rely on the guidance of a stylist, like one from My Perfect Fit, to help you get the right fit.

So what makes the perfect suit?

A suit consists of three parts: the blazer, the trouser and the accessories. You need to get them all right for the perfect suit look!

The Blazer


The most striking feature of a blazer is its shoulder alignment. Care should be taken to see that it does not come in or jut out.Also, keep the following points in mind while selecting a blazer:

The torso should not be so tight that it creates an "X" in the midsection when you button it. It also shouldn't be so loose as well that you can fit your fist inside after buttoning.

The end of the blazer should come till the knuckles of your thumb and cover the bottom curvature of your buttocks when you stand straight with your arms on the sides. A blazer that is too long can make you look shorter and one that is too short can make you look stocky. So choose wisely!

The sleeves of the blazer should be long enough to reach your wrist and still show half an inch of the shirt cuff.

Vents are the slits at the back of your blazer. You have three options to choose from - no vents, single vent or double vent.

A double vent gives a more modern and well-fitted look. A blazer with no vents will make you look slimmer and taller if you are short, but they do restrict mobility. A single, centre vent is a classic look, but it exposes your back when you put your hands in your trouser pocket. So go for one that suits your style!

A notch lapel is the most versatile look, whereas a lapel with a peak is best suited to formal suits.

Your suit should have a breast pocket on the upper left-hand side and two other pockets at the bottom. Opt for a jetted pocket for a clean and formal look.

Choosing the right shirt depends on the kind of blazer you're going for. Check back on our next blog for a deep dive into types of blazers and shirt.


Many tend to pay close attention to the blazer, but completely ignore the trousers while buying formal suits for men. But the trousers also require equal consideration as they complete the look.

The waist of the trouser should not pinch you and cause a bulge. You should feel comfortable wearing it. It should also not be so loose that there is excess fabric around the waist since this can make you look wider around the hips.

The length of the trousers should be just enough to cause a half or quarter break. A half break results in a little foldover above the shoes while a quarter break will slightly graze over the top of the shoes. Let the length reflect your style statement!

You can choose between three options here - flat front or no pleats, single pleat or double pleat. This choice should be based purely on your physique.

If you are slim and fit, the flat front will be ideal for you since it shows off your natural shape. If you are of average weight, not slim but not bulky either, you can opt for the single pleat. It will offer you comfort without feeling too tight. If you are on the heavier side, double pleats are an ideal option.

All these aspects are woven into your trousers when custom-made from My Perfect Fit.


A suit can be made to the perfect measurements, but the wrong fabric can completely spoil the look. It is always better to buy custom men's suits with high-quality fabric that also goes well with the weather in your location.

Worsted wool, cotton, silk, linen or a mix of these with artificial fibres will work just fine. You can find an array of suits in such assorted fabrics at My Perfect Fit.

Colour and Pattern

A suit does not come cheap and so, it is better to get one that is versatile. Dark colours such as greys, blacks and navy blue will go well with shirts of all colours. They also make you look slimmer and taller (For a tall and handsome look!).

A plain suit with no pattern is the ideal choice as it compliments all accessories and shirts. However, if you do wish to get one with some pattern, opt for muted patterns that don't stand out.

Bold patterns and checks are trend-setters and suitable for casual wear.


Accessories can completely revamp the whole look of the suit. They can help transition your suit from formal to casual to party wear.

Dark and conservative coloured ties with small patterns are ideal for a formal occasion. You can choose bold stripes for a casual occasion and silk ties for partywear.

Pocket Square
A classy pocket square adds an element of style to your suit. You can opt for one which is a shade or two lighter than the colour of the jacket and has a small pattern.However, make sure your pocket square & tie are contrasting in colour.
There are other elements such as shoes and watches, but those are topics that deserve a whole blog to themselves.

We hope this guide has helped you get a better understanding so you can order the perfect suit. If you’d like assistance, arrange an appointment with our stylists and we’d be happy to guide you!