Trousers often get the least attention from you when you are dressing up, but we at My Perfect Fit believe that an ill-fitted one can totally ruin your look. But do them right and trousers render an understated elegance to a man’s formal ensemble.

The guide below is a great starting point for you to make better decisions when buying trousers. As always, if you'd like more customised advice, book an appointment with our stylists for a consultation that will transform your style.

Trending Trouser Types

Flat Front Trousers
Easier to maintain and iron, this formal pant type has a slim construction and a neatly tailored appearance. Wear it when you are out for business and its slim-fit will add a few inches to your height (You sure want to look tall and handsome, right?).

Pleated Pant
A rage back in the 90s, the pleated pant makes up the formal style and the modern version is slimmer and less baggy than how it used to be back then. Perfect for the weekday look, pleated pants coordinate well with a formal shirt and leather belt.

Dress Pant
Look your dapper best in the office environment by embracing the crisp, formal look of a dress pant that features a smooth front pleat running through the centre. It coordinates well with a blazer and is perfect for presentations and meetings at work.

Tips to help you Look Spot On in Your Formal Trousers

  • Ensure the right waist size. The waist size may differ depending on the fit – high rise, low rise, flat or pleated. You may know what your waist size is but it is always better to get it measured when getting your trousers made. At My Perfect Fit, measurements can be made both online or by booking an appointment with us!

  • Check the inseam size, which is the length of your leg measured from the crotch of the pants till the lower end. To know the inseam, keep the trouser on a flat surface and use a measuring tape or have our stylist do it for you.

  • Hems or cuffs at the bottom end are now a common feature on casual trousers. Done right, they can make your pleated pants look hip & trendy. Avoid getting your flat front trousers cuffed.

  • Pay heed to the break, which is the part where your shoe meets the leg of the pant. The sight of your trouser breaking into folds at the ankle is not a pretty one. Ideally, your trouser can rest with a slight break on top of your shoe. The current trend is more of flat-fronted, narrow bottom pants with the break ending at the ankle.

  • Go for fabrics that retain shape over time and not sag after repeated use.

  • Refrain from wearing skinny trousers with a formal suit.

  • Formal or dressy pants normally feature straight slitted pockets on the sides that do not look quite apparent since they have a less pronounced hem. Ensure a good depth so that the pockets do not appear stuffed when you stash in a few essentials.

  • Custom made or readymade? Custom-made trousers usually have a stiff waistband, handmade fly, pockets and hem, curved metal fly zip and good enough sized pockets. Ensure the material used is good, the fit immaculate and the construction robust when you go for a readymade one.

  • Always wear trousers with belt loop with a classy belt. Besides, a belt keeps your trouser well-supported on the waist.

The Perfect Fit, Every Time

We hope these essential tips come handy the next time you are looking for formal trousers to pair with a crisp shirt or an elegant suit. If you're looking for a conveient way to shop trousers and make the right wardrobe decisions, drop us a line. We're always there to help!